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During this time of the year high winds and bad weather conditions hit buildings new and old causing unplanned damage which sometimes leads to a major safety issue.

Rowland Scaffold offer an emergency scaffolding service which runs 24 hours a 365 days of the year. Thanks to the great team here at Rowlands the scaffold can be looked at, quoted, designed if required and erection started in the very same day.

Please see below a previous Emergency Job that was erected on The Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital – Emergency Works

A call from the estates manager at The Royal Halamshire Hospital came through to Rowland Scaffold at approximately 14.00 hours, where he explained that the high winds had lifted and displaced a large metal gutter 30 meters in the air above the service road, therefore the service road had been shut off and no deliveries could be made to the hospital.

An estimator got to the site within 20 minutes to access the damage and give an expert opinion on the safest and most practical method of erecting the scaffold to the immanent danger above.

The hospital was given a price within 30 minutes, an order was placed and the design team was instructed to design the scaffold.

Scaffolders was on site for 17.00 hours, de-briefed on the dangers and was talked through the method statement.

The scaffold was then completed at 12 o’clock that night and the serviced road re-opened for the early morning deliveries to the hospital.

Testimonial from the estates manager Mark Eyre;

“”Rowland Scaffold delivered an amazingly fast response to the high level safety issue that the hospital encountered, with all the necessary safety arrangements in place to undertake the task in dangerous circumstances. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Rowland Scaffold again in the near future””

Types of Emergency Scaffolds you may require:

  • Temporary Raking Shore Scaffold
  • Temporary Roof Scaffold
  • Propping Scaffold
  • General Independent Access Scaffold
  • Heavy Duty Independent Scaffold
  • Dead Shore Scaffold
  • Edge Protection/ Handrail Systems
  • Flying Shore
  • Cantilevered Scaffold
  • Birdcage Scaffold